We are experienced in the use of all commercially available hydrographic data  acquisition systems for pre condition survey bathymetri. We also offer the latest  multibeam hydrographic survey  technology and a complete inventory of equipment for side scan sonar and tide measurement.  Our data processing systems use the finest data imaging technology  available today.

PT AQUAMARINE DIVINDO INSPECTION is provides marine survey  services as follow:

*  Construction Survey Services

*  GPS Positioning System

*  Rig Positioning Services

*  Dimensional Control Surveys

*  Geophysical Surveys

*  Geotechnical Investigations

*  GIS Desktop Studies 

Hydrographic Surveys

*  Pipeline Route and Inspection Surveys

*  Rig Hazard Site Surveys

*  Subsea Acoustic Positioning and Metrology

*  Bathymetric Survey