Remote Operated Vehicle or better known as the ROV is one under-water robots that are connected via a cable to the main control unit. The main cables will bring energy and a command and control signals to the vehicle (ROV). Asfor operators, the main cable carrying data from sensors and condition of the ROV. A camera on the ROV will provide input to display the condition of theROV. ROV has a different size and are equipped with a TV camera, video camera,mechanical devices and other equipment.

For our services using ROV Inspection is as follows.

among following: as are services using ROVS

    • Accompanying the divers, to ensure that the divers are safe and ready to provide assistan
    • In water ready assistance to the divers
    • Inspection or examination rig or refinery, from a visual check to use certain tools to monitor the effects of  corrosion, faulty construction, search for   location of the crack, biologists estimate for contamination.
    • Rig or refinery Inspection or examination, (visual check, use tools to monitor the effects. of corrosion, faulty construction, crack identification, etc.
    • Pipeline inspection, follow the under-water pipeline to check for leaks, determine the approximate age of the pipeline and pipe installation convincing if in good condition.
    • Pipeline inspection, checking under-water pipeline leaks, pipe rectification etc
    • Surveys, both visual and surveys using soundwaves, is required prior to the installation of pipelines, cables and other subsea facilities
    • Underwater surveys, (visual and using soundwaves),required prior subsea facilities installation.
    • Supporters of drilling and construction, start from visual inspections, monitoring the implementation of drilling and construction, till make improvements if   necessary
    • Drilling and construction supports, (visual inspections, monitoring drilling and construction implementation, improvements, etc
    • Move dangerous objects on the seabed, especially around the structure facilities, such as oil refineries. ROV proved more able to reduce the cost to keep the area safe and clean
    • Seabed safety and cleanliness survey (structure facilities vicinity area survey, debris removal, etc)