In Offshore Marine Industry, mooring chain is used jointly with the configuration of piling based or anchor based subsea seabed penetration to secure any positioning of floating objects i.e: FSO, FPSO, FPU, MODU, etc. Mooring Chain has more advantage flexibility point compared to other permanent based securing system in terms of lifetime reliability as well as position maintaining.

        We have ability to supply wide range of IACS classed mooring chain with R3, R4 grade from Ø 2 inch to Ø 4.5 inch (studded or studless link) complete with its accessories, all strictly as per customer requirement of tensile strength, yield strength, corroded breaking strength, etc. Our services covers to supply the chain from scratch up to installation on site. (EPCIC).

        PT AQUAMARINE DIVINDO INSPECTION has been successfully support its customer with Door To Door Supply of Mooring chain and thus by long term cooperation with one of biggest China Chain Manufacturer, China Laiwu Zibo Anchor Chain, PT AQUAMARINE DIVINDO INSPECTION has been appointed as their Regional Distributor covers Indonesia market and surroundings. Mooring and Hook up Services.


  • Supply and Install 4.5” Studless Chain to CNOOC SES Ltd, total of 3300 meters divided into 8 (eight) lengths of 15 shackles each.

         The chain is used to hook the FSO Federal II