PT AQUAMARINE DIVINDO INSPECTION global ship operations and management team brings a wealth of experience to all aspects of the technical, crew, and project management of a truly diverse and specialized fleet of managed vessels. Our experience spans conventional vessel types such as tankers, container and general cargo, and Roll-on/Roll-off (Ro/Ro) vessels, to specialized vessels such as deepwater pipe-layers, geotechnical and seismic research vessels and offshore construction support vessels. From salvage and anchor handling tugs (AHTs), Jack-Up and accommodation barges, to livestock carriers, Ro-Pax, trans-shippers and dredgers, our vast experience allows Aquamarine  to provide management solutions to a wide variety of ship owners.

1. Technical Support

a.    Management of Maintenance and

        Repair Plans

b.    Shipyard Supervision

c.   Ensuring Compliance with

        Regulatory Agencies

d.   Safety and Security Assessments

        and Awareness Training as Required

e.   Internal/external audit Corrective Action Implementation

f.    Monitoring Project Oversight

 2.   Crewing Support

a.       Domestic and international crewing solutions

b.      In-house travel support for mariners

             c.      Skilled and veteran labor relations department with exceptional

                             relationships with labor unions

3.   Procurement

a.       Volume discounts provide better value to the customer

b.       Worldwide purchasing power

c.       Dedicated buyer

4.   Contract Admin

a.       Contract administration, budgetary tracking and reporting

b.       Operating funds reconciliation

c.       Tax reporting

5.   Consultation and Certification Class

a.       Re-flag services

                 b.      Certification Class Program