Cathodic Protection (CP) is one method of corrosion control technology in a way to reverse the direction of flow of corrosion. Reversing the direction of the flow of corrosion, is intended to restore the electron-electron break down of certain metals, which are resistant or immune to corrosion on the metal can be reduced or eliminated (not to be lost). Cathodic protection system is commonly used to protect steel, pipelines, tanks, piles, ships, offshore platforms, and a casing (casing) onshore well.

Description: F:\Document JPEG\008 - FOTO COMPANY PRESENTATION\FOTO PRESENTASI\37.BMPWe, PT Aquamarine Divindo Inspection has competent human resources and certified equipments to carry out CP Measurement as per client requirement. In addition, we also can supply zinc/aluminum anode well as replacement and installation services. Below is a list of the work we have done related to the CP Measurement.

1.  UWILD FSO ABHERKA client Pertamina Shipping

2.  UWILD MT Galunggung client Pertamina Shipping

3.  Inspection CP on Jack Up Rig Naga 2

4.  Zink Anode Installation for FC Brahma Galaxy

5.  Inspection Zink Anode Navigator Pluto

6.  Etc

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