At Subsea Pipeline System, concrete weight coating causes negative buoyancy, so in case of a heavy loss of this protective concrete at several locations on the pipeline on the seabed, the stability and integrity of the pipeline system will be affected. If the condition worsens, it must be carried out remediation efforts, among others in the following manner. 

1.  Installation of concrete sleeves

2.  Installation of engineering backfill

3.  Installation of grout bag

4.  Installation of stabilization mattresses or saddles

Scour or wave of sand on the seabed could cause parts of subsea pipelines that are not supported up. Allowable pipe span has a requirement, for both static and dynamic conditions. Span must be examined in the regular inspection program. Span studies and support method should always be done, including changes in weight submerged pipe. Efforts to improve the span of pipe should be done if the span length exceeds the permissible span length requirements. By installing the appropriate support, can reduce the length of the span are not allowed. Installation of the engineered back-fill can be done between support above, so that the pipeline has a good contour.    

We as contractors have to consult the owner of the pipeline companies to submit proposals on the draft support span and installation methods. Design calculations must be done so that support meets the following requirements.  

  • The support should be placed in the right position so that the condition of the pipe span fulfilled.
  • Tolerance realistic installation must be calculated.
  • The support must be stable and fully prop the pipe until the rest of the design life of the pipeline.
  • The support system is estimated to withstand the shift.
  • Motion of lateral pipe is prevented with the installation of the support.

We, PT AQUAMARINE DIVINDO INSPECTION has competent human resources and certified equipments to carry out Grout Bag Installation For Subsea Pipeline Rectification.


# Underwater Platform Inspection & Freespan Rectification For MDA – MBH & BD Field Development 2021 - HCML 

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