Mooring Analysis analyzes a body (or collection of bodies, i.e: FSO, FPSO, SPU, etc) which are connected to the sea floor by a system of catenary lines. The general purpose of the lines is to keep the body in reasonable proximity of some target location. There are two aspects to this. The forces which the lines exert on the body, and the forces which  the environment  exerts on  the  body. These periodical based of metocean behaviours /scenarios (i.e : windspeed, current, waves, etc) measured, recorded and calculated to obtain result of forces creating tensions which need to be ensured all are within the safety measurement as purposed. MOSES, MAXSURF and ORCAFLEX are among the softwares we familiary used for this analysis.

Our services covers complete phases of Mooring Analysis and Hook up, from scratch data collecting (to obtain metocean data) up to Classification Approval of the mooring system.


Mooring Analysis of FSO Federal 2

Mooring Analysis of FSO Lentera Bangsa


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