PT AQUAMARINE DIVINDO INSPECTION's subsea/floating hose services experts provide cost-effective solutions for underwater projects using unconventional installation vessel. PT Aquamarine Divindo Inspection shall provide skilled and certified Service Engineer and Technicians to perform maintenance services, repair and testing on Company's Marine Offloading Hose string ans its ancillary installed on board of FSO Gagak Rimang. PT Aquamarine Divindo Inspection guidelines based on OCIMF Standart section 1995 for handling, storage, inspection and testing of hose in the field.

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Floating / Subsea Hose Services experience :

1.  Provision of  Floating Marine Hose & Accessories Maintenance Services of FSO GAGAK RIMANG, EXXON Mobile Cepu Limited.

2.  Dismantling 12 Floating Hose & Install 8Production Riser @ FPSO Brotojoyo

3.  Floating Hose and Subsea Hose Installation at PHEWMO

4.  Floating Hose and Subsea Hose Installation at CNOOC

5.  Diving Services For Leak Submarine Hose Replacement  at PHEWMO

6.  Inspection Jumper Hose with visual, hydrotesting, vacuum test, and electrically test at EXXON Mobile

7.  Service For Floating Hose 3 Yearly Inspection FPSO KAS III at HCML Field

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