PT AQUAMARINE DIVINDO INSPECTION has developed a range of IMR services including project management, engineering, dive support and remote intervention services.Previous activity includes platform, pipeline and subsea structure inspection and maintenance covering the inspection, repair and maintenance of deep water subsea facilities.

PT AQUAMARINE DIVINDO INSPECTION is able to manage various types of Underwater Construction operations through its network of experienced personnel, vessel owners and subsea contractors.This well established international network paves the way for continually locating the most cost-effective method of delivery for an Underwater Construction solution.

Underwater Construction Operations typically, include:

  •       Platforms Inspections.
  •         Jack Up Rig Inspection.
  •       Subsea Infrastructure inspection and replacement.
  •       Pipelines inspections and repairs.
  •       Wellsite surveys and inspections.
  •       Control hose assembly repair and replacement.
  •       Subcontracted diving inspection services.
  •       Offshore oil & gas construction support.
  •       Pipe line commissioning and stabilisation.
  •       Subsea production planned and unplanned intervention.
  •       Drill/SBM/FPSO support.
  •       Alternative energy infrastructure installation works.
  •       Field abandonment and decommissioning.

Below is a list of the work we have done related to the Underwater Construction Services.

  • Jack Up Rig Naga, Lamongan Offshore
  • FSO Cinta Natomas
  • Jack Up Rig Gryphone
  • Jack Up Rig HYSY 937 COSL Indonoesia
  • SBM 1043 Cinta terminal CNOOC Area
  • SBM 1039 Cinta terminal CNOOC Area
  • SBM Replacement PHEWMO, Poleng Field
  • Floating Hose FSO Gagak Rimang
  • Floating Hose FSO Brotojoyo
  • Inspection, Maintenance and Repair Campaign - PHE WMO
  • Underwater Platform Inspection & Freespan Rectification For Mda – Mbh & Bd Field Development

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